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Car Rental FAQs

How do I rent a car with you? What are your requirements?

To rent a car: simply head to “Book Car” on our menu. Fill in your needs at the top bar. Then click on any of the available carters to go to dive straight to the payments page.

As for requirements: as long as you have a valid driving license and are over 20 years old, you’re completely good to go!

Where is your car rental office located?

Right in Vágar Airport (officially, Flogvøllurin 2, Sørvágur, Faroe Islands)

Where can the car be delivered? Can I pick it up & drop it off at different locations?

We have around 9 popular locations across the Faroe Islands where you can get your rental car delivered to you.

When you’re on the “Book Car” page, there'll be a dropdown of places where you can pick-up and drop-off your car at your convenience—even if they’re at different locations.

What time can I pick-up and drop off the car?

Anytime at all! Because we operate 24/7, whether you arrive late at night or are off for an early morning flight, you pick the time, and we’ll take care of it.

How much is your security-deposit?

Nill. Since we started in 2020, we chose to ditch cumbersome security deposits and instead run on a system of trust—so customers only pay when it’s actually needed.

Will I have a limit on the mileage? Do you have a partial-day booking policy?

No limits. Anyone reserving with us gratuitously gets free, unlimited mileage, plus 24/7 roadside support to cover you in case the unforeseen ever happens.

And for partial-day booking policy: another no for that. To keep it all simple, we just offer car rentals for a minimum of 1 day (24 hours).

General FAQs

How do payments work?

Anytime you’re ready to reserve your choice of car, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Stripe, or Bank Transfers.

What’s your refund and cancellation policy?

Because we totally understand that plans can change, we offer 100% refunds if you cancel at least 24 hours before the agreed pick-up time. To find out more, check out our Terms & Conditions.

Can I modify my existing booking, update it, or add extras?

Of course! It’s as easy as dropping us an email with (1) Your existing order number (2) What amendments you’d like to make. Then we’ll take it from there and make sure you have it as wanted.

How do I pay for the tunnel fee? Can I do it through you?

Yes, tunnel fee payments happen through us—so you can adventure through the islands without giving it a thought.

We get charged automatically based on your tunnel usage, and will simply send to you the final bill to pay when it’s close to your drop-off time.

Can I modify my existing booking, upgrade it or add extras?

Yes, just email us with your existing order number as well as what amendments would you like to make and we will be more than happy to do that.

How do I pay tunnel fee?

We are charged automatically based on your tunnels usage. You will pay the fee to us. You will receive the tunnel bill to pay near to your drop-off time.

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