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Room & Car Golden Package Offer

Take advantage of our Room & Car Golden Package. Check in at Poul's Airport Guesthouse and collect your car at the same time.

Room & Car Golden Package

*Car included is a category A/B with manual transmission
*Offer only available during winter/off-season

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Traveling to a new place can be a daunting and confusing experience – there are so many things you have to figure out. But PHD Car Rent is here to make your biggest worries fade away!

Our airport guesthouse in Faroe Islands can accommodate you, providing a relaxing and homely experience to rest, recharge, and work to your heart’s desire. This airbnb gem offers a glorious view from the windows, an expansive kitchen,  a workspace, modern bathrooms, and the coziest bedrooms.

Once you check in at our guesthouse, you’ll feel the journey’s fatigue and tiredness fading away.

And then, when you are ready to witness the magic of the Faroe Islands, you’ll find your car waiting right outside!

Once you book our room and car package, we will bring the car to your desired location, such as the guesthouse or the airport. After enjoying your stay in our homely guesthouse Faroe Islands, you can drive to your heart on roads unexplored to take in unspoiled nature’s jaw-dropping views!

Book a room and car today and experience the trip of a lifetime! Make memories that will last forever!

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