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The Best Car Rental in Faroe Islands—finally found

“If it were possible I would give Poul 10 stars. He is a very cordial, polite, honest man and always available to help us. I loved coming to Faroe Island…I intend to return and bring my family and friends. Thank you very much Poul!”

Extending a personal passion
for guiding explorers

A letter from managing director, Poul

Barring the unpredictable weather (and slowing down for sheep on the roads), Faroe Islands is a soulful, spectacularly beautiful place that remains largely unexplored.

But the first pull I had was to go outside.

I worked for a few years in tourism, traveling around the world and meeting people where despite a language barrier, we indulged in deep conversation that filled us with joy. From that, I craved to serve wanders visiting my own home.

The rocky Faroe Islands are blessed with good tunnels and roads, but no one likes hiked up prices and friction-riddled processes just to rent a car.

Joined by my micro team to provide the best car rentals (and an airport guesthouse here!) my mission is to help travelers to explore more: comfortably, affordably, and to return with the glow of having had the best holiday.

Choose A Car For Your Adventure
Founder of PHD Car Rent

Quality, reliability, and the best prices you can find

Good, clean cars that are there on time and a breeze to drop off is what we do. By running things ourselves as a micro, hands-on team, we proudly offer the cheapest car rentals in the Faroe Islands, without any cut on quality.

Giving you the freedom and convenience to explore

It’s one thing to travel somewhere, and another thing to explore it all in ease. Our mission is for you to take in our islands’ dramatic mountains, fjords, and serene villages, with a trusted car that keeps a support team within reach.

Making the splendor of the Faroe Islands more accessible

As sweet as home is, it’s still an unexplored destination that direly needs attention. Our hope is to make these islands a place more people want to visit, to experience the strength of its spectacular beauty that still leaves us in awe.

A team of attentive experts, ready to attend to you

As an in-sync, local team that takes pride in going the extra mile, we’re here to make your journey here as unforgettable as we know it should be.

Zarak Khan

Running the show when it comes to all things tech, Zarak’s expertise in web and mobile development lets us bring the seamless, remote experience that allows us to serve you with ease