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My passion for exploring the world drove me to work in the tourism industry for a few years. The experience was both fulfilling and adventurous. I met people from countries on the other side of the world and indulged in deep conversation despite having a language barrier. At the same time, I discovered my passion to serve others, to guide the lost to their destination.

So I started PHD Car Rent in 2020 to take tourists to their destinations, accounting for the high demand for affordable and reliable car rental services.

Our team is working to continue providing quality services to our customers at reasonable rates, so they have the freedom to explore more with limited resources and time.

With PHD Car Rent, I plan to make the Faroe Islands more accessible and popular. Living here has made me realize the strength of its spectacular beauty. Faroe Islands has a lot to offer tourists and travelers. And I want the rest of the world to witness it and feel at home.

We operate Poul’s Airport Guesthouse with the same vision; to provide the best services, with a hospitable, relaxing, and home-like experience for all our guests.



We put faith in offering our customers Top-Notch quality services at reasonable prices. We aim to provide a modern, comfortable, and convenient user experience for car rental in Faroe Islands.


We aspire to create a brighter future by contributing to revenue-generating tourism. Through unrivaled customer loyalty and excellent service, we seek to lead the tourism industry.


Our goal is to become the best transportation service provider in the Faroe Islands. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations while serving the community in the best possible way.

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