Damage Price Incl. VAT
Damage administration fee 290 DKK
Extraordinary cleaning of the vehicle 1000 DKK
Flat tire (Tire change included) 2500 DKK
Damage to door hinge due to wind gust
(Damage to the door is not included)
3500 DKK
Lost or damaged key 3500 DKK
Replacement of a side window 3500 DKK
Correction of a dent 4000 DKK
Smoking in the car
(Not covered by the insurance)
4000 DKK
Damage to the interior or upholstery of the car
(Not covered by the insurance)
4000 DKK
Paint job on body parts (door, bumper, hood) 4000 DKK
Replacement of car part (ex. bumper, door, lamp, mirror) 6000 DKK/td>
Replacement of the front windshield 7000 DKK
Replacement of the back windshield 7000 DKK
Incorrect refilling of fuel
(Not covered by insurance)
Minimum 5000 DKK
*If there is damage to the engine, due to wrong fuel in tank, the customer will be charged the additional workshop cost.