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Terms & Conditions

Following are our Terms & Conditions for PHD Car Rent.

Car Rental Procedure

Renting a Car with us is very simple:

You can book the car directly by filling out the form on the homepage.

You are also welcome to send an e-mail to info@phdcarrent.fo or call +298 265 344 to get an offer or make a reservation.

We also offer 24/7 road-side support to accommodate you in the best possible way.


We value your comfort and feasibility. That is why we don’t charge a deposit for our cars.


In case of an accident, the self-risk liability to be paid is a maximum of 6900 DKK for each damage. The exact amount to be paid depends on the severity of the damage to the car.

If the hiring individual is not responsible for the damage, a written confirmation from the counterpart must be submitted. All material damage must be reported.

SCDW Insurance

SCDW Insurance

SCDW insurance can be included in the car rental for an affordable rate of 95 or 110 DKK per day. This lowers your self-risk liability to 1500 DKK for each damage to the car.

The SCDW insurance does not cover:

  • Damage to the car, when the driver has been unable to drive safely under the influence of alcohol or due to some other reason,
  • Holes burned on seats and mats,
  • Broken equipment in the car,
  • Damages to the bottom of the car, when driving on a bad road,
  • The cost of car towing, if the car has gone off the road,
  • Damages to the clutch, caused by an inability to properly drive a car with manual transmission.
Sub-Sea Tunnels

There are three sub-sea tunnels in the Faroe Islands. They have an automatic system, that reads the license plate number and sends the bill afterwards.

Note: Do not pay tolls at service station as it says on the sign.

1) Vágatunnilin connects the islands, Vágar (where the airport is located) to Streymoy (where the capital is located)

2) Norðoyartunnilin connects the islands Eysturoy to Borðoy (where Klaksvík is located)

3) Eysturoyartunnilin has three openings, which connects Streymoy to the two sides of Eysturoy.


1 and 2) The Vágar and Norðoyar tunnels

These tunnels cost 100 DKK for back and forth (2 ways).

If you purchase a tunnel pass for 95 DKK per day, you can use these tunnels for an unlimited time throughout the day.

3.1) Eysturoyar tunnel (via Eysturoy – Streymoy route)

This tunnel costs 175 DKK one way.

You can buy tickets in advance for 148 DKK each way.

3.2) Eysturoyar tunnel (via Rókin – Strendur route)

The tunnel costs 125 DKK one way.

You can buy tickets in advance for 98 DKK each way.

Returning Car

After using the car, please ensure to return it with/ in:

  • The same condition, with all the equipment, as it was when you picked up the car. This includes documents, tools, extra equipment, etc. If something is missing or destroyed during the rental, we will charge it off the deposit.
  • A full tank. If the rental car isn’t delivered with a full tank, we will charge 799 DKK for fuel service.
  • A clean condition. No waste or food should be left in the car. The car should not be covered in dirt. If the car is unreasonably dirty, we will charge 799 DKK as a cleaning fee.
  • A smoke-free condition. It is not allowed to smoke in our rental cars. An amount will be charged if we notice that the car has been smoked in during the rental.
  • The agreed time and date. If the car is not delivered at the set time and you don’t call us beforehand to inform us of the delay, you may be charged an extra one-day fee. Please feel free to give us a call and inquire about the possibility of keeping the car longer than stated in the rental agreement.
Cancellation or changes in policy

In case of a cancellation, you will get a full refund if you inform us 3 days before the agreed pickup date. There is no refund for cancellations made 2 days or less from the agreed pickup date.


We do not charge anything for changing the booked car or rental periods. However, there is no guarantee, that we will have other cars available.