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Terms & Conditions


In the unfortunate event of an accident, the Renter's liability is capped at a maximum of 7000 DKK per damage, with the exact amount contingent on the severity of the damage to the car. If the hiring individual is not accountable for the damage, we require a written confirmation from the counterpart. All instances of material damage must be promptly reported.

SCDW Insurance

We have 2 types of SCDW insurance that can be included in the rental. Silver Insurance, priced at 99 DKK per day, which reduces your maximum liability from 7000 DKK to 1500 DKK in case of any damage to the car. And Gold Insurance priced at 179 DKK per day, which lowers your liability to 0 DKK in case of any damage to the car.

Our SCDW insurance does not cover the following:

Returning the car

Same Condition: Ensure the car is returned with all equipment intact, just as it was during pickup. This includes documents, tools, and extra equipment. Any missing or damaged items during the rental period are the renter's responsibility.
Full Tank: If the car is not delivered with the same amount of fuel, we will charge you 799 DKK for Fuel Service.
Reasonably Clean Interior: If the vehicle requires more than the usual standard cleaning on its return, you might be charged a cleaning fee of 1000 DKK.


We charge 100 DKK per return-trip (both-ways) through the Vága- and Norðoyar tunnels. Alternatively, you can purchase a Tunnel Pass for 110 DKK per day, which will give you unlimited access through these tunnels. For the Eysturoyar- and Sandoyar tunnels, we charge 240 DKK per way. Please note that these tunnels are not covered by the Tunnel Pass.

Tunnel Payments

Do not try to pay the tunnel fees directly to the tunnel company, as we have a subscription for all our cars, and we get automatically billed as you use the tunnels. Upon returning the car, we will send you a bill and a detailed account of all your tunnel trips, which you will pay directly to us.

Smoke-Free Condition:

Smoking is strictly prohibited in our rental cars. Violations will result in a fine of 2000 DKK.

Agreed Time and Date:

If the car is not returned at the specified time without prior notice, an extra one-day fee may apply. Feel free to contact us to discuss extending the rental period.


In case of a cancellation, you will receive a full refund if you inform us at least 24 hours before the agreed pick-up time.

Changes in Reservation

We do not charge anything for changing the type of booked car or rental period. However, there is no guarantee that we will have other cars available.